Your gift of cryptocurrency will help build a world of longer, healthier lives.


Your cryptocurrency donation today to the 美国心脏协会 supports our mission to create a future that is free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. We accept donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 100 other cryptocurrencies.


A gift of appreciated cryptocurrency is one of the most powerful and tax-efficient ways to make a charitable donation. 当捐赠加密货币时, 你也许可以避免资本利得税, 而且你可能有资格获得税收减免. 这使得比特币, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax-savvy ways to support a heart-healthy future.

Support the 美国心脏协会's 第二世纪加密基金.

在我们100年的历史中, the 美国心脏协会 has fought boldly for a future free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. 我们已经在研究上投入了50多亿美元, helping fund the work of 15 Nobel prize winning scientists and thousands of projects that yielded breakthroughs in cardiovascular and stroke discovery. 当我们准备进入第二个具有影响力的世纪, we recognize the powerful impact that the crypto community can have in creating change for a better future.

与加密社区一起, 我们的目标是筹集1美元,000,为我们的救生研究提供资金, 改善病人护理, 倡导更健康的社区, 为人人享有公平的卫生保健而努力.

现在你可以成为一个变革者. You can easily contribute to the fund by using the donation form on this page. Your crypto donation today can help us secure and expand initiatives that help save and improve lives tomorrow. 你给我们慷慨的礼物 第二世纪加密基金 serves as a catalyst for impact as we advance the Association's life-saving mission into the next century.

# CryptoWithHeart


捐赠加密货币是安全、简单和快速的. Using the donation form on the page, you can make a charitable crypto gift in three easy steps:

  1. 选择您喜欢的加密货币.
    Select the crypto you would like to donate and enter your gift amount, email, 基本信息(或选择匿名提供).

  2. 启动你的加密礼物.
    Transfer your gift from your wallet to ours through the widget.

  3. 我们收到了你的礼物.
    We immediately auto convert your cryptocurrency donation into U.S. dollars. Once complete, you’ll receive a tax receipt to the email address you provided.

捐助者焦点:杰弗里•W•. Marquis, Sr.

Jeffery Marquis riding a stationary bike at an outdoor event

When cryptocurrency began its meteoric rise to popularity in the early 2010’s, 作为一名理财规划师, Jeffrey W. Marquis, Sr. 很自然地注意到了. “It was a new space in terms of investments and a growing industry, and I felt that same pull and interest that a lot of people felt,” he said. When he found out that the 美国心脏协会 was beginning to accept donations via cryptocurrency, 他马上就报名了. “我一直在寻找与美国心脏协会合作的方法, I’m a stroke survivor and giving has always been part of my DNA – any way I can continue to help and educate people and further the mission, 我完全赞成,” he said.

The 美国心脏协会 now accepts more than 100 leading cryptocurrencies and Jeffrey says it couldn’t have been easier to complete the transfer. “这是一个由Giving Block提供动力的简化过程, 这比写支票性感多了. I worked with my local AHA Charitable Estate Planning Advisor, John Cullum, 我收到了一个链接, went on, and transferred directly from my personal wallet to that address and was even able to direct the funds to the specific CycleNation event where I wanted them to go. 你有很多选择来帮助别人, 你可以直接把它和你关心的东西联系起来. Your local AHA Advisor can help walk you through the process, it’s not intimidating. 为了伟大的事业,只是几步之遥!”




比特币(BTC) Fetch AI (FET) Ren (REN)
Ethereum(乙) Gala (GALA) 渲染令牌(RNDR)
基本注意令牌(BAT) Galxe (GAL) Samoyedcoin(萨摩)
Aave (Aave) 双子座美元(GUSD) 柴犬(SHIB)
Alchemix(雾) 注射方案(INJ) Skale (SKL)
Amp (AMP) Lido (LDO) 索拉纳(SOL)
Ankr网络(Ankr) Liquity (LQTY) 钐空间(CUBE)
ApeCoin(猿) 流动性美元(LUSD) 空间(立方)
API3 (API3) Litecoin (LTC) STEPN (GMT)
Avalance (AVAX) Livepeer (LPT) Storj (Storj)
axy无限碎片(AXS) Loopring领头的) SushiSwap(寿司)
比特币现金(BCH) Maker (MKR) Synthetix (SNX)
ChainLink(链接) 枫叶金融(MPL) Tezos (XTZ)
Chiliz (CHZ) 掩码网络(Mask) 图(GRT)
化合物(COMP) 优异奖(MC) 沙盒(SAND)
Curve (CRV) 美逖斯(混血儿) Tune.FM (JAM)
Dai (DAI) 兰花(OXT) 范围(USDT)
Decentraland(魔法) 百富金(PAXG) UMA (UMA)
Dogecoin(总督) 圆点花纹(点) Uniswap (UNI)
Dogelon Mars (ELON) 多边形(电气自动方式) 美元硬币(USDC)
恩津币(ENJ) Qredo (QRDO) Yearn.金融(YFI)
以太坊名称服务(ENS) Quant (QNT) Zcash (ZEC)
幽灵(英尺分) 根(RAD) 0x (ZRX)
Filecoin (FIL) Rally (RLY) and more...

The 美国心脏协会 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and cryptocurrency donations made to AHA may be tax-deductible where allowable by law. 请电邮至 (电子邮件保护) 了解更多信息.


Yes! When prompted to in our widget, enter your email to receive a receipt for your donation.

我需要一个钱包地址来完成我的捐赠. 我可以在哪里访问这些信息?

You can access all of our wallet addresses by using the crypto donation widget on this page. Once you enter the type of cryptocurrency and reach the third step, you will receive a unique wallet address which can then be used to complete your donation.


是的,当然! However, your email address must be provided to receive a tax receipt.

What happens if I want to donate using an unsupported currency?

If you send any digital asset or cryptocurrency to an ETH address that are not supported they will be lost and there is no way for the charity to receive the assets or you to recover them. It is always important to ensure that you are only sending an asset that matches the asset that you have chosen on the donation form.

我的捐款需要帮助. 我怎样才能联系上你?

To contact us with questions about making a crypto donation, please email us at (电子邮件保护).


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